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Homeschool Enrichment Classes

Updated Class Options! Read below:

We need 4-8 students to form a class, so choose one of the classes below, find some homeschool friends (within a few grade levels), and pick your day/time (as long as it's still available)! Classes will run for 6 weeks, excluding holidays and be catered to the age of the participants! Register Here:

We are an approved vendor for CORE Butte, Lake View & South Sutter!
Classes are $360/6-week session. Each class is 3 hours long and meets once a week in Chico.


Craft & Create

Arts, crafts, projects and creations! Learn practical new skills and techniques to make gifts, bags, decor and more!

Register Here:


Animal Adventures

Goats, bunnies & pigeons! Improve habitats and create enrichment activities for the animals! Learn about feeding, grooming and animal science while making adorable new friends.

Register Here:


Countries & Cultures

Discover new people and places while delving into their customs, food, art, language and history!

Register Here:


Games Galore (Math & Strategy)

Tons of fun with group games, educational games, outdoor games, etc! Learn strategy, how to play fair, and how to be a graceful winner and/or loser!

Register Here:


Build a Business

Learn what is required to start your own business, from idea to implementation! We want to help you become an entrepreneur!

Register Here:


Fun with Phonics

For younger grades or struggling readers, we will learn the basics of sounding out words, spelling rules, sight words, and more. Learning to read is the most important skill a child can acquire!

Register Here:


Poetry 101

This was my favorite unit to teach as a middle & high school English teacher! The students will learn about poetry styles and create a bound book of their own poems! We will finish the class with a small performance of original works.

Register Here:


Science Experiments

From hypothesis to conclusion, students will be able to test a variety of scientific concepts to see what results occur and why!

Register Here:


Zero to Hero Gardening

Students will take an overgrown land and build a beautiful veggie garden! They will be able to transfer these skills to your own backyard if you let them!

Register Here:

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