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About the Teacher

Amber O'Neil Hui

I feel like the experiences of my life are culminating in this dream of an establishment where I get to teach, create experiences, build self-esteem and community, and connect with youth in a fun, vivacious way that will hopefully lead to lifelong memories for all of us!

Here's a few of my "stats" and why I feel qualified to bring these specific classes to your students:

*I'm a credentialed English teacher!

*I lived in China for 3 years, learning a lot of the language and developing a love for all cultures as I taught English and Social Studies in Chinese and international schools.

*I was an athlete and a coach. Growing up, and through college, I loved the competition and camaraderie that came with being on teams. As an adult, I coached soccer for years, and brought every ounce of my passion and ingenuity with me to practice and games. 

*I was a homeschool mom for three years. My youngest is currently attending a private school so I can afford to focus on these classes now, but the foundation she got between kindergarten and third grade continue to help her thrive in life and the classroom.

*I am a successful business owner. I've been in Mary Kay for 15 years, earning the use of 7 company vehicles, over $30k in diamond jewelry, and countless other prizes. As a team leader, I have gained so much insight into what motivates people and how to create income through a successful business model. 

*I'm a major animal lover who has turned her half-acre property into a small sanctuary for goats, bunnies and pigeons! They started as pandemic and homeschool "excuses" and became semi-domesticated pets that pretty much run the place. 

*I am a certified Butte County resource parent (foster parent). I do not take full time placements, but I do respite care for current foster families so they can continue the work they do. This means I've undergone all the scrutiny and background checks to allow me to work with at risk youth, and I have an incredible love for people.

*I'm a party planner extraordinaire who loves games and having fun! Strategic thinking and problem solving skills seem to be a little lacking in today's society, and I love challenging kids to use their brains and come up with new and creative solutions.

*I'm artsy, but I'm not an incredibly skilled artist. Why is this an asset? I cater projects to kids in a way that they can make beautiful things without needing extensive talent! 

*If I don't know something, I'm going to figure it out. If I can pass this characteristic on to others, I will consider my work a complete success! 

*I'm a mom!

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